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Lake City – Winter Marketing Campaign

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Last winter, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with RoShambo on a thrilling photography and video project for Lake City's winter marketing campaign. The highlight of the campaign was the annual ice climbing festival that took place in February, where I had the chance to capture some truly amazing moments of people doing rad things on ice.

However, covering both the still and motion side of the production was no easy feat. With so many moving parts and no opportunity to stop the event and direct people, it was a challenge to go with the flow and work around the organizers. But with RoShambo's expertise and my own skills in photography and videography, we were able to capture the beauty and excitement of the festival in all its glory.

Lake City Ice Climbing Festival Video Teaser

Ice Climbing Festival video cover

Lake City Ice Brew Ski Video Teaser

The Brew Ski event was an absolute blast! Attendees were eager to explore the different brewery representatives who were in attendance, and the atmosphere was electric. Of course, the real challenge was trying to keep your balance on skinny skis after indulging in a few too many brews!

brewski cover video cover

Lake City Snowshoe race Video Teaser

Despite the wobbly legs, the event was a huge success, and I even had the opportunity to witness my first snowshoe race. The competition was fierce, and it was a challenge to capture the action on camera. Surprisingly, the snowshoe racers were incredibly fast and agile, making it more of a running-in-snow kind of vibe. Overall, it was a fantastic experience with the showcase of the local brewery scene and winter sports culture.
snowshoeing video cover
Exploring the local winter trails on fat bikes was an unforgettable experience that I had the pleasure of sharing with an amazing crew. We had the opportunity to venture both on and off-piste, capturing the beauty of the winter landscape through our lenses. Despite the cold weather, the thrill of biking up steep snowy hills with our photography backpacks kept the blood pumping and our spirits high. It was a true pleasure to work with such talented and adventurous individuals who were always willing to experiment and push the boundaries of what's possible.
For being in the middle of nowhere during a Colorado winter, Lake City was absolutely buzzing with energy. The local brewery was a standout, offering delicious brews and a welcoming atmosphere that made us feel right at home. The locals were just as friendly, and we had a fantastic time exploring the area and taking in the stunning scenery. Our adventure culminated in a relaxing soak in the hot tub at the Matterhorn Motel, which was the perfect way to cap off an unforgettable trip.
Lake City is a magical winter destination that offers endless opportunities for adventure. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or just looking to relax, there's something for everyone to enjoy. As a photographer I had the privilege of capturing the beauty of the area this winter season. From the breathtaking landscapes to the heart-pumping sports like ice climbing and fat biking, there was never a dull moment. I was thrilled to work with RoShambo and be a part of Lake City's winter marketing campaign. Hard work, but super fun!