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2021 Creative Yearly Review

In Projects, Recent Work by Petar Dopchev

Another Spin Around The Sun

It's that time - recapping another year around the sun. I love looking back on the artistic endeavors that have made us happy over the past year as we draw closer to the end of another one. There are a few of my professional accomplishments from 2021.

Non Profit

One of the most rewarding projects was working with the Center for Adaptive Sports in Crested Butte. Witnessing individuals with disabilities shredding down the ski hill was truly inspiring.

Sled Party

Another highlight was a project with friends, celebrating the end of COVID restrictions. Capturing those moments of pure joy and freedom was a much-needed reminder of the power of community.

Vermont Sticky

Collaborating with Krista Powers on her project was ton's of fun. We combined winter and summer sports, and had some great results for Vermont Sticky. Good times with great people!

Mountain Express

Taking local pups on the Mountain Express buses was a challenging project, but thanks to the team at RoShambo, we were able to capture some incredible shots. Working with animals always adds an extra layer of complexity, but the end result was worth it.

Star Peak

Finally, photographing the Summer GT, put together by the Nordic Center, was another highlight of my year. The journey was long and arduous, but the beauty of the destination made it all worth it. Being surrounded by such stunning scenery was an incredible opportunity to flex my creative muscles.
When I look back on earlier endeavors, I get a sense of how crucial it is to seek work which inspires and challenges us. Creativity is essential to every part of our lives. Here's to another year packed with inspiring endeavors and good times.