2021 Creative Yearly Review

In Recent Work by Petar Dopchev

Another Spin Around The Sun

We are heading to the end of another year which is ending on a great note here in the mountains with the tons of snow we received around the holidays. It is a true winter outside and it's time to grab a glass of red wine and go over some of the creative projects from this year.

Non Profit

Had the privilege to work with the Center for Adaptive Sports in Crested Butte on various projects. It's always a true inspiration spending time with people who get to shred down the ski hill no matter what their disability is.

Sled Party

The moment when Covid regulations drop and you just want to party with your friends!

Vermont Sticky

Krista Powers is a badass and one of the entrepreneurs in the Gunnison valley. She shreds on skis and on a bike! Really had a lot of fun working with her on this project.

Mountain Express

Not sure, if you had heard the news, but the Mountain Express started taking local pups on their buses! Not gonna lie - this was a challenging project - most of the time it's hard enough to coordinate with a group of people and then you put dogs in the mix. Huge thanks to RoShambo for producing this project and helping immensely during the shoot!

Star Peak

Fall mornings are cold and dark and the journey to Star peak from town is quite long, but once you make it up there, it is absolutely breathtaking! Here's to another Summer GT adventure with the Nordic Center!

Personal Life

More about what I have been up to could be found here ->

Personal Life