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Just it happened so I spent 3 months "on the road", or at least out of Crested Butte. It was a needed time to get away from the "bubble" and let my soul wonder around for a bit. Needed to get unstuck from the daily routine.


I did spend a lot of time with my family in Bulgaria since it had been almost 2 years due to the Covid restrictions and the quite hectic times to travel. I even got lucky with my brother and my niece coming over during the time I was there. It was a full house!


There I was off to the Baja right after Bulgaria, didn't even make it Crested Butte. It was an amazing trip spent with friends and not enough windy days. The goal was to return my friend's camping van to Colorado. It was a long way on the road, sleeping on beach parking lots and strangers front yards.


The same trip to Baja made me realize that I need to put way more effort in order to make a relationship work. It is healthy to have your soul wonder, but it's better to wonder with a soulmate! 



As you know I am addicted to paragliding - it is the thing, which has been fueling most of my adventures lately. People call it the "sky crack" and I definitely get it! Just came back from a flying trip to Valle de Bravo with some really good friends. We got a mixed bag of experiences traveling during Covid times, but it was definitely a great trip!

Valle De Bravo Moment

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