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Creative Summer Projects

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There are a few of the creative summer projects I worked on.

Lake City Summer Marketing Campaign

Working together with RoShambo - Marketing + Creative, we were able to create an amazing  Lake City summer marketing campaign. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase the area's potential. With its natural beauty, endless outdoor activities, and welcoming community, Lake City is the perfect summer destination for adventure and relaxation.

Non-Profit Photography Campaign

It was a privilege to be part of such a meaningful campaign. Being part of the Vail Veterans Program was truly an honor. This non-profit organization is dedicated to organizing golf tournaments for people with military history, but it goes far beyond just playing golf. The program is designed to build a community and help people form long-lasting relationships that can provide support and encouragement long after the tournament is over.

Apparel Photoshoot - Fieldsheer

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you know that exploring the great outdoors can be challenging. I had the pleasure of working with Fieldsheer on a fun and exciting photoshoot. We captured the spirit of adventure and staying warm in the cold Colorado spring.

Reselling Stock Photos

Patagonia is know for finding value in funky and natural images - they like the raw vibe, the moments of time you capture with your camera. Patagonia have repeatedly renewed the license for an image I captured of the incredible Leilani Bruntz. They recognize the value of this image and continue to renew the license, proving that a single photograph can make a lasting impression.