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Boosting Creativity

In Thoughts by Petar Dopchev


You would hear how creativity boosts health all the time, but rarely does someone mention the relation between staying healthy and boosting creativity.

Stamina, presence and longevity are one of the prerequisites for feeling in that “most alive” state, feeling connected to the world around you. And this is usually the time when the creative juices start flowing. It is the propelling energy, which physical and emotional wellness creates, it is the urge to do something with yourself.

Getting on the healthy wagon and sustaining the ride could be tricky though. Life happens and our priorities get mixed up. My personal take on it is trying to keep track of these behaviors to ensure a healthy state of being:

  • Eating well - avoiding processed foods

  • Exercising regularly - running, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, bouldering at the park or anything I enjoy doing and gets me moving.

  • Sleep quality - this is a big one!

  • "Priming" my mind

  • Time to Play

It literary could be anything that energizes you. It is definitely worth investing some time to think about it and make it a part of your habits to help you boost creativity.