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Summer Projects

In Recent Work by Petar Dopchev

Lake City Summer Marketing Campaign

Another great campaign for boosting the Lake City summer tourism with the gals from RoShambo - Marketing + Creative. That area has a lot of potential!

Non Profit Photography Campaign

It was truly an honor to be part of the Vail Veterans Program - a non profit organization, which organizes golf tournaments for people with military history. Of course, the program goes way beyond playing golf. It is a way to to make people a part of a community and help them build long lasting relationships.

Apparel Photoshoot - Fieldsheer

These guys are all about exploring the outdoors and staying warm! Even when fishing at high alpine lakes butt naked!

Reselling Stock Photos

And last but not least - Patagonia keeps renewing the license for this image of the amazing Leilani Bruntz. It was quite interesting to see what a giant brand in the outdoor industry finds value in.